Monday, 17 September 2012


The Indian Army’s operational capability along the China border will be getting a major boost as two tank brigades are soon to be deployed in that region. According to our sources, Defense Ministry has cleared the plan to raise six new armored regiments that will be equipped with roughly 350 tanks. In addition, three mechanised infantry battalions will be raised with 180 BMP-II infantry combat vehicles. Below is a pic of the BMP-II mean machine.
Indian Army’s Ladakh-based 14 Corps are to be allocated an armoured brigade to safeguard the region nearing Tibet at Chushul in Ladakh. The second armoured brigade will be located in the Siliguri corridor in Bengal which can safeguard the region in Sikkim.

The IAF has also beefed up its operational capability in the north-east with Sukhoi-30MKI fighters flying from new IAF air bases in Tezpur and Chhabua.

 India is also raising a mountain strike corps in the northeast which will consist of two mountain divisions with about 40,000 soldiers. With the armoured brigade coming up, the strike corps will also get a major boost in their capability to monitor the security in that region and be equipped to counter attack.
According to Defense experts, the upcoming tank brigades may have to be complimented by the HAL LCH or modified MI-17 attack helicopters as well. It is felt that the Indian Army and IAF must also have attack helicopters like Mi-28 or Apaches in this region since they will go a long way in countering the enemy’s armoured attacks.
Lately, India has been concentrating on its border regions and cautiously building up more capability along volatile regions. The current decision to deploy tanks along the border region is not a new development. While deployment of armoured brigade in the north-east is new, tanks have been deployed in Ladakh area for some long time now. India had 10 Mountain divisions and is now adding a few more, according to Defense experts.
With its operational capabilities waning, the Indian Army has been pressurizing the Defense ministry to undertake measures to speed-up delayed material procurements and revive the stalled infrastructure projects along the border regions.
The need to beef up operational preparedness across the Sino-Indian border has been imperative due to China’s massive build-up of infrastructure along the border. Defence experts have pointed out that China has armoured and motorised formations in both their military regions across the Line of Actual Control.
As for the Defense ministry,
It has set up three committees headed to hasten material acquisitions and the building of roads, rail links and airfields along the 4,057-kilometer-long border with China in the northern and eastern India. Defense ministry officials said the empowered committees would hasten the delayed import of howitzers for two newly raised army divisions of around 40,000 personnel for eventual deployment along the Chinese border in north-east India.

If China messes with us, we will be prepared. 1962 Indo-China war wont be repeated ((well in 1962 China had 80,000 troops and India had only 12,000 troops. so we were at enormously huge disadvantage. Also the war command was in the hands of a foolish, in-experienced jerk politician. We wont like to mention his name)). But now...China will have to pay heavily even if they come near Arunachal or think of strolling along the Indo-Tibetian border.

God bless India.

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